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Chef Dominique was born & raised in Springdale, MD and developed a passion for cooking after receiving her Bachelor's Degree at Old Dominion University. Despite others knowing their passion at a young age, Dominique found hers after coming home from College. Dominique aspires to be an excellent chef following her inspirations: Gordon Ramsey, Brooke Williamson and Michael Voltagio.


Dominique spends most of her time learning different aspects of the culinary world along with perfecting cooking skills to take her to the next level. The vision became very clear for Dominique after the success she had catering family and friend events. Dominique started her food services business "Dee's Kitchen" in January 2020, where she began to share her passion with the world. Dominique now specializes in catering events such as: birthdays, baby showers, corporate events, and much more. Dominique has also created a social media presence on multiple platforms displaying different at home dinners and recipes for others to enjoy. Along with the above, Dominique is also a Personal Chef and has done in-home dining for date nights, girls nights, bachelor and bachelorette parties. To further her career in the culinary industry, Dominique is currently expanding her social media presence and in the running for 2024 Favorite Chef to study under culinary experts! 

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